Customer Data Platform & Marketing Automation

Understand your customers
and increase sales with SABLE

SABLE can make marketing and sales experiences simpler
It supports businesses by generating leads, collecting customer data from various sources,
and utilizing intelligent AI to analyze and automate sales.

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Increase your business sales with SABLE

SABLE is a Sales Automation platform that offers complete solutions to match your company's needs
by combining all of your necessary business tools in the platform.


Gather information from various sources in one place.

SABLE Consent

This allows your business to collect customer information without worry.

SABLE Analytics

Helps analyze data without you having to waste time analyzing it yourself.


Manage sales and customer relations

SABLE Automation

Automate sales and marketing tasks

SABLE Loyalty

Membership point collection system
for stores

SABLE Search

Helps find and complete customer information Increase the chance of closing sales

SABLE ADS Automation

Publish ads with precision and efficiency

SABLE Onsite Marketing

Create no-code widgets on your website to help increase sales.

SABLE Sense & AI

Powered and increased superior sales potential with AI

Customers Data Platform

Helps increase sales and connect with customers seamlessly.

Benefits you will get from SABLE


All Tools in One Place

Manage data, analyze, customer segmentation, enhance campaign efficiency, and customize — all on one platform.

Easy to Use

Designed to be easily used by users without any technical experience.

Marketing Success

Reach target groups accurately and efficiently.

Data Security

Committed to safeguarding your data with
top security standards.

Experience the future of CDP