We are more than just a website analytics tool.

Sable can track every step of your customers' online journey, whether it's visiting websites, using social media, or making purchases. It follows their entire path from being a visitor to becoming a customer on an individual level. This is ideal forbusiness owners and marketers who want to understand their customers better.

Effortless and convenient, ready to use, instantly view customer information.

Install and start using within 5 minutes in just 3 steps. Compatible with all types of websites.

SABLE Analytics better than Google Analytics, how?

Individual-level behavior observation

Changing from someone "anonymous" to "customer"
allows us to see what interests the individuals who enter leads, making sales closure easier.

Easy to use and understand.

The system has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to non-experts, with a quick learning curve.

Analyze marketing efforts in more depth.

SABLE collect customer data and behavior, providing real-time in-depth insights, enabling immediate marketing decisions and actions.

Comes with features thatmeet business requirements.

Understands customers more than you expect, caters to every businesses, empathizes with "customers" and potential customers
saving you time from analyzing yourself, making marketing much easier your business.

Website Optimization Bundle

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